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SK Hynix starts mass production of HBM2E: The world’s fastest DRAM solution

A little over a year ago SK Hynix unveiled their HBM2E memory, boasting industry-leading bandwidth. Compared to current-gen, it features 50% more bandwidth and twice as much capacity. The new SK Hynix HBM2E standard supports >460GB per second with 1024 I/Os based on the 3.6 GBps speed performance per pin. To put things into perspective, it can 124 movies with a 1080p resolution, each of size 3.7GB per second. Or it can transfer two separate installations of Call of Duty: Warzone in a second. Your pick.

To achieve this technological marvel, SK Hynix utilizes the TSV (Through Silicon Via) technology by vertically stacking eight 16-gigabit chips to form a single dense package of 16GB. Using TSV, the upper and lower parts of the chip are connected through thousands of fine holes on the DRAM chip. Column-shaped paths penetrate the entire thickness of the silicon wafer, delivering data, commands, and currents. HBM2E is closely interconnected with GPUs and logic chips that are separated by only a few µm, resulting in faster and more efficient data transfer speeds. Compared to HBM2(current-gen) memory, it 30% smaller in size and up to 50% more power-efficient, thanks to the new packaging technology.

It is built specifically for supercomputers, industrial GPUs, and next-gen AI systems including Deep Learning Accelerator, which requires high-level computing performance. It is also expected to be used in the Exascale supercomputer: a high-performance computing system that can perform calculations a quintillion times per second. Jonghoon Oh, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at SK Hynix hopes to lead the industry with their premium memory products.

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